Thursday, March 23, 2017

Boerne Computer Repair

It's been awhile since we posted anything but we've been busy getting things set back up. Two of our favorite tools that will help you understand what is running on your computer and eating up your valuable resources are Microsoft's Process Monitor and Process Explorer.

 The Process Monitor which can be found at will show you exactly what processes are running and give you error messages that are popping up. It's a great tool to troubleshoot and issue when a program isn't working. Say for instance if it is getting an access denied error to a specific folder you will be able to see that and resolve your issue. I will caution you not to leave this program running for an extended period of time as it will eventually bog down your system and even cause it to crash. It is however a great troubleshooting tool. Process explorer which can be downloaded from is another great tool for seeing exactly what is running on your computer and what files it is accessing. It has much more detailed information than the task manager does.
You can see what processes are active and what files they are accessing and locking which files. The processes are listed hierarchically so it is easy to see if one process spawns another as it will be listed below it. You will also see a column that says Virus Total, which will show a count of how many websites have flagged this process as a virus. This can be handy when tracking down viruses and attempting to remove the whole thing.

Process explorer can be downloaded from Thanks for reading, please stop back frequently for great information and visit us at Boerne Computer Repair