Thursday, March 23, 2017

Boerne Computer Repair

It's been awhile since we posted anything but we've been busy getting things set back up. Two of our favorite tools that will help you understand what is running on your computer and eating up your valuable resources are Microsoft's Process Monitor and Process Explorer.

 The Process Monitor which can be found at will show you exactly what processes are running and give you error messages that are popping up. It's a great tool to troubleshoot and issue when a program isn't working. Say for instance if it is getting an access denied error to a specific folder you will be able to see that and resolve your issue. I will caution you not to leave this program running for an extended period of time as it will eventually bog down your system and even cause it to crash. It is however a great troubleshooting tool. Process explorer which can be downloaded from is another great tool for seeing exactly what is running on your computer and what files it is accessing. It has much more detailed information than the task manager does.
You can see what processes are active and what files they are accessing and locking which files. The processes are listed hierarchically so it is easy to see if one process spawns another as it will be listed below it. You will also see a column that says Virus Total, which will show a count of how many websites have flagged this process as a virus. This can be handy when tracking down viruses and attempting to remove the whole thing.

Process explorer can be downloaded from Thanks for reading, please stop back frequently for great information and visit us at Boerne Computer Repair

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Windows 7 Family Pack

Bond Computers A special Windows 7 upgrade package for households with more than one PC is now available for pre-order online ahead of schedule and at a discount from Microsoft's previously announced price.Windows 7 Family Pack, which offers the ability to upg...rade from an existing version of Windows to Windows 7 on three PCs for a discounted price, is available for pre-order on several online retailer Web sites, including and Provantage, for US$146.99 and $140.31, respectively.Read MoreWindows 7 Family Pack Available for Pre-order Early Online - PC World
UPDATE: A special Windows 7 upgrade package for households with more than one PC is now available for pre-order online ahead of schedule and at a discount.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives are now available at Bond Computers, the number one place for Boerne Computer Repair. Here is some more information about them from Crucial Technologies.

Say goodbye to your hard drive: computing just took a new turn.
Introducing Crucial SSD (Solid State Drive) technology—delivering the benefits of flash technology in a completely different way. More reliable, faster, and more durable than traditional magnetic hard drives, our SSDs are a forward-thinking solution for mobile users—users who want longer battery life, and can't afford to lose or corrupt the data stored on their notebooks. Likewise, SSDs are a great alternative for the PC enthusiast who is always looking for the very best in system performance.

The advantages reach beyond the notebook, too. Our innovative SK01external storage kit integrates an SSD into your standard desktop PC and allows it to act as a portable USB storage device. The possibilities are endless!

Crucial is the company that's been giving your outstanding DRAM memory upgrades backed by industry-leading warranties and outstanding service and support. And now, we're the company to go to find the best SSD products and information to meet your needs.

Why an SSD?
Put simply, SSDs are flash-based drives that offer greater reliability and faster performance than traditional magnetic hard drives. SSDs (solid state drives) are data storage devices that utilize non-volatile (do not lose data when power is removed) flash memory for computing applications that traditionally rely upon a mechanical hard disk drive. Crucial SSDs are designed as industry-standard drop-in replacements (via a SATA connection) for hard drives.

Consisting of just NAND, a controller, connectors, and a PCB, the SSD has no moving parts, creating greater stability by eliminating the mechanical delays and failures associated with a conventional magnetic hard disk drive.

What are the advantages of an SSD?
Superior reliability
The continuous motion generated by multiple moving parts creates heat, which is a leading factor in hard drive failure. In fact, hard drives are one of the notebook components most likely to fail. Because an SSD does not have moving parts, heat dissipation and noise are reduced or eliminated, resulting in a very rugged and reliable offering compared to a mechanical hard drive.

SSDs also have extreme shock and vibration tolerance, and their operating temperature ranges meet or exceed that of standard hard drives.

Increased power efficiency
Ever have your notebook battery die during a presentation? With no moving parts, SSDs require less power, improving battery operating time in notebook PCs and portable electronic devices.

Instant-load performance
Without the moving mechanical parts that cause latency issues, SSDs are not impeded by spin-up, seek time, or rotational latency. This equates to faster boot times, faster application loading, and greater overall system responsiveness. Via SATA, the Crucial 2.5-inch SSD offers a host data transfer rate of up to 3Gb/s, backward-compatible to SATA 1.5Gb/s.

Quiet acoustics
With no spinning parts, SSDs provide for silent operation, similar to that of a standard USB flash drive rather than the constant, noisy humming of a mechanical hard drive.

Reduced heat dissipation
Hard drives dissipate high levels of failure-inducing heat due to the parts necessary to operate the hard drive (such as the spinning platter). In contrast, SSDs produce little-to-no measurable heat because they have no moving parts, thus helping keep notebooks operating cooler.

Enjoy increased mobility with a lighter-weight SSD, which weighs less than a traditional mechanical drive.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Windows 7

If Microsoft wants Windows 7 to succeed, to do better than limp like Vista, it has to convince the majority of users to ditch their comfortable-as-an-old-shoe -- older than an old shoe, actually -- OS.

Microsoft has to beat itself by one-upping its most successful OS edition of all time: Windows XP.

In response, Microsoft actually extended the availability of XP until April 2011.

I recently installed Windows 7 on a testing pc in the office and everyone in the office has been very happy with it. We've had a couple things that we've had to work through, a few driver issues and getting the sata to usb devices to read but other than that it has been great. I am running it on a pentium 4 machine with 1 gig of ram and it is much faster than Vista is on my high end laptop. To make a long story short I've preordered a copy for my computers and I look forward to migrating people to it shortly.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Guarantee

I've had quite a few customers call lately saying that they had hired another computer person or company to fix their problems only to find when the technichian left that the problem was not solved. When they called the person or company they found out they would have to pay for another service call to come back out and look at the problem. Bond Computers does our very best to fix it right the first time, however if for any reason it is not fixed we will gladly come back out and ensure that it is fixed with no additional charges. Our goal is to provide the best customer service along with the best computer repair services in Boerne and surrounding areas.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Boerne Computer Repair

Just this last week in the news was a story about credit card thieves stealing card numbers by driving by shops and getting on their open wireless networks. I have personally been surprised before when sitting at a coffee shop in Boerne only to see a couple of open wireless networks completely open for attack. If you are a business owner in the Boerne area and would like to talk with me about securing your wireless network I would be happy to talk with you.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Boerne Computer Repair

Bond Computers ( a website design firm of Boerne recently was awarded a contract to develop a website for Cinco Solar of Bulverde. Cinco Solar ( is a Solar company in Bulverde that has gained national recognition as a leader in solar technology. The owners of Cinco Solar were impressed that Bond Computers was ready to take their existing website to a new level.

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